new kid on the blog

For two years, I have been documenting little snippets of things that I experience and learn about myself in a journal. 

This process, simple as it sounds, has completely changed my life for the better, and allowed me to see everything with a clearer perspective.  I have now decided to put them to good use and set them free.  With time at large in lockdown, and having wanted to do this for a while, I opened my laptop and started to piece them all together.  

I have created this blog firstly to have all my snippets in one place, and convert them from a few sentences to a more established concept.  When I started journaling in 2018, I wrote each day about the small changes in my life (good and bad), what I learnt from them and how I would grow from them moving forwards.  Earlier this year, I began to write some of the journal entries into posts, and have kept them in a document folder in my MacBook.

I have found that writing the content that will fill out this blog helps me ease my mind of negative/self limiting thoughts, so if that helps one other person who may stumble across this page at some point in their life, it will have done its job.  Although if no one ends up finding this blog page at all, I suppose the only way in which the reworked snippets will be read by somebody else is if my MacBook gets stolen by someone who opens the Spirituality document folder, manages to read all my journal entries and consequently alters their mindset to have a more fulfilling life.  

I’m clutching at straws to think my writing would have done what it intends to do with that one…but it is highly unlikely, so on here my writing will be.  

Assuming you are somebody who has found this blog on your own device, hello!  I will mostly be posting about my journey into the spiritual realm, and the sense of self as I have learned it to be.  I will post links to anything I have read/listened to/visited that has helped me grow into the person I am becoming, so you can either start or continue your journey with extra material.  Other posts will be about my (sometimes poetic) outlook on general life, if I feel compelled to write about it.  I usually do. 

The things I write about in this blog are about personal events, but I give my opinions on relatable things, which may be something to agree or disagree with.  That is all part of our beautiful journey on this planet!

I hope my writing portrays the passion I have in putting my thoughts into words, and that you may find something useful to carry through to your day to day life.  

Sending positive energy, 

Grace x 

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