prepare yourself!

For a bit of depth to my introduction page, I thought it would be best to write a post about how I’ve ended up writing this blog and my general perception of life at the moment.  It is the result of, what I believe to have been, a spiritual awakening.  

A spiritual awakening happens as a result of either a huge traumatic event that cannot be ignored (sometimes called rock bottom) or a sudden shock that consumes the mind and body, and forces you to change your life.  I believe I experienced both at different times, but this started with opening my mind to the Universe.  

After seeing someone on and off for about a year and a half, I realised nearer the end of the relationship that I was extremely unhappy.  I’m terrible at hiding emotion, so I was noticeably unhappy to the people around me, who commented on changes in my personality, weight and general wellbeing every time they saw me.  I completely lost myself and changed every part of me to try and be somebody I wasn’t for a person who didn’t seem to appreciate it (or notice) at all.  

It is a feeling I’ll never forget.  

I had already been at some low points in my life and recovered from them, and I knew I didn’t ever want to be in that headspace again.  So after being terribly unhappy for such a long time, I decided that I wanted to be happy.  It sounds too easy, but that was it.  I decided, one day, that I wanted to be happy.  And that was the beginning of my journey.  

If you try and tell an unhappy person that happiness is a choice, I imagine their reaction would be a mixture of anger and confusion, because deep unhappiness feels like you’re in a ditch that you can’t get out of alone, especially by something as simple as ‘choosing’ to be happy.  So it is important to let each person come to that conclusion in their own time.  But for me, I knew I could be happy because I had been so happy before.  I knew it was in me already. 

I started listening to a podcast episode on Spotify called Find Peace With 365 Days of Happiness; Jacqueline Pirtle. Jacqueline told her story of how she had always had a spiritual connection with nature and animals, and how being a lonely child helped her strengthen her connection to everything in her life.  I knew I had always had a spiritual connection, and if others could experience an awakening, I could too.  

After explaining how each person on Earth can be in touch with their spiritual connection, Jacqueline gave tips on how to bring about a ‘high frequency lifestyle’, a concept I had never heard of before, which means to raise the positive energy vibrations within your body.  I was sceptical of this at first, but when I researched it further, I was reminded that everything is made of atoms and molecules.  The chair I am sitting on, the laptop I am using to write this, the house I am living in.  Even me, and all life on this earth is made up of the same stuff.  And they all vibrate at their own levels, with their own specific frequency.  As I learnt more and more about the topic, I tried to rewire my thoughts to be loving and grateful rather than negative and pessimistic.

Jacqueline also made a point to open your mind to things that the Universe sends to you. This wasn’t easy to remember most of the time, for example when I was late for work or I lost my phone.  But when I practiced it more, I noticed things I once would have ignored.  I learnt to see the ‘negative’ things as things that happened in my favour.  

This was the first big lesson I learned.  To view every situation as happening for me, not to me.  Initially, this was hard to get my head around because I didn’t really understand what it meant, although I tried to adopt this way of thinking.  What I now understand about this is that every situation that happens in life is neutral and balanced.  Human beings perceive every situation that happens to them as either positive or negative, when in fact, they are neither.  

They are simply just events that are balanced and neutral, with no emotion attached to them whatsoever.  Mindset changes and decides that.  For example; if you lose your job, one person might see that as negative, as they lose their source of income, worrying about how to provide for their family, and so on.  Another person might see it as a new start, or the push they needed to finally pursue their dream.  What I learned to do when looking at scenarios that were happening to me was to ask myself why they were happening for me, rather than being upset about how it would affect for the plan I had for my life.  By doing this, I learnt valuable lessons about myself and my reality that have shaped the person I am becoming. 

The reality is, our natural state is to live in the unknown.  If we choose to worry about what will happen, or live in a mindset that wallows when something doesn’t go our way, we are choosing to ignore the inevitable uncertainty that comes with being alive.  Our lives are made up of reactions to events, the events being balanced and neutral, and our mindset is the thing which dictates whether we perceive it as positive or negative.

By choosing to be happy, I made it my focus each day to see positivity in things I wouldn’t before.  One of them was a shop sign reading open (one of Jacqueline’s examples), which I interpreted as a sign from the Universe to tell me that my heart was open to happiness and spirituality, and the Universe recognised that.  I saw couples on the street and thought of their transfer of energy being pure love, and it left me wanting to spread my own loving energy too.  I interpreted red traffic lights as an opportunity to stop and think about what I was grateful for, or just an opportunity to stop and be.  I saw losing my phone (for the fourth time) as time that was sent for me to listen to the sounds of nature on my way to work, or write when I would have been texting, or read something I ‘didn’t have the time’ to read before.  

All of these things would be different if I had an unhappy mindset.  But the truth is, we are in control of our thoughts.  Whether we want to be annoyed and resentful, or hopeful and willing, we can be.  For some, happiness isn’t something that can just be picked up.  But to open your heart to being hopeful is the best start.  As long as you are willing for the Universe to meet you half way and start sending you signs to learn from, then it will.  

Happiness in your life will start from there.   

Sending all my positive energy,

Grace x

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