who would have thought it?

A phrase I have heard a lot since starting my spiritual journey is ‘your thoughts create your reality’.  I understood the concept; nice thoughts result in a nice life.  A nice life results in a happy person.  As easy as that, surely?  But I learned something not long ago that sparked a ‘eureka!’ moment. 

Everything in existence was thought of before it was created. 

Really, though…everything.  The device you are using to read this page.  The home you are living in.  The clothes you are wearing.  The company you work for, and so on.  All of these things were ideas before physical things.  Before the first of anything was created, it was a thought.  When viewed in this way, we can understand that thoughts literally do create reality.  

In a universe that is so vast we simply can’t comprehend it, we must be open to the idea that anything is possible.   Even things that have never been seen or heard of, or things we might doubt could ever happen. 

For example, before the piano was invented, the processes that happen in the brain when playing piano had never been measured before, and might have previously been considered impossible.  Today, research shows that learning the piano has more of an effect on the brain than any other instrument.  And when the internet was created, it was probably considered far fetched to assume that it would change future generations completely, yet we now live in a world that is driven by the internet and technology. 

I remember a time I was running five minutes late for a coach from Birmingham to London, and although I was still rushing, I thought there was no way it would still be at the station.  When I arrived, it turned out that a class of about thirty Spanish kids were boarding the coach for a school trip, and delayed the departure by about fifteen minutes.  I was relieved, but also kicked myself for thinking so negatively.  How could I not have thought of another scenario than ‘I’ve missed the coach’?  After beating myself up about it for a while, I realised that there must have been something in my mind to encourage me to get there as quickly as I could.  I was still hopeful.  

The lesson I learned was: if something can be thought of, it can happen.  

This occupied my mind for a few weeks afterwards.  I thought of all the times I had heard ‘The Law of Attraction’ being thrown around, or the phrase ‘dream big’ when I was younger.  There was more truth in these concepts than I had initially realised.  

I was walking home from work one evening and looked up at a skyscraper.  I realised that the person who drew the plans for the building would have thought of them before it was built, and there it was.  The builders and designers who worked together to make that happen had thought of how they would do it too.  Everyone involved in the creation of that building is a human being like me.  They aren’t superhuman.  They are made up of the same energy I am made up of. 

I heard my nagging ego scoff ‘well I couldn’t do that’ as I carried on walking.  But for the first time, I disagreed.  In theory…I could.  I could hand my notice in to my boss immediately and start devoting my life to designing or building skyscrapers.  That is more than possible.  

Of course, I had no desire to drastically change my life and become a construction worker, but there is nothing impossible about it.  Similarly, there is nothing impossible about becoming an astronaut, or winning the lottery, or (my favourite to keep in mind) someone being genuinely busy when they haven’t replied to your text for hours.  

The mind is extremely powerful, but easily swayed.  If your thoughts come from a place of genuine love for yourself and trust in the Universe, your experiences will change to fit your way of thinking.  Similarly, if your thoughts are detrimental and cloudy, and you think everything is against you, your experiences will follow that path too.  

Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.  

Henry Ford. 

Changing the way you think won’t happen overnight.  But the best way to start is by observing your thoughts.  When we pay attention to what we’re thinking of, we access a higher state of consciousness.  It confirms that we are not controlled by our thoughts.  We can, in fact, control them.   

Thoughts come and go like clouds passing through the sky.  Maybe it is hopeful to think that things will work out for me if I start thinking that way, but I would much rather fill my mind with hopeful thoughts and see the positives in each experience than expect the worst and wallow in the outcome. 

Sending my love and positive energy, 

Grace x

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