what it means to BE a woman

In my blog post, Prepare Yourself!, I wrote about how a lady called Jacqueline Pirtle was the catalyst of my ‘happiness journey’, which opened my heart and mind to a spiritual awakening. 

I spoke to Jacqueline not long after I listened to the podcast to thank her for sharing her beautiful insight, and bought her book 365 Days of Happiness.  Two years later, I spoke to her again, to let her know I’d featured her in my blog post, and I was asked if I wanted to review her new book, What it Means to BE a Woman.  

Of course, I jumped at the chance – and I am so glad I did!  

What it Means to BE a Woman is one of the most uplifting books I have owned.  It is written for all women, whether they came in to the world as a woman or chose to be in later life.  Overall, the book is beautifully written to guide the reader to regain their power and wisdom as a female, which Jacqueline believes is already there to access whenever you are ready.  

Since I didn’t put the book down once when I read it the first time, I see it only fit to write my thoughts about the whole experience and some of my favourite parts of the book. 

Female Energy vs Masculine Energy 

It is safe to say that this chapter changed my perception on feminism as a whole.  Writing about the energetic differences (since everything is made up of energy) between men and women, and how we are both different energetic information, it changed the way I think about how society has a competitive stance on the two genders.  On a soul level, we are all the same, but in our physical lives we just live differently.  Not in competition.  

“Carry that goddess vibe with pride and joy by NOT asking for equality but by claiming your unique-ty.”

Jacqueline Pirtle, What it Means to BE a Woman

Why a Woman and not a Man?

This was one of the chapters that has stuck with me the most since reading it.  Jacqueline writes that when we came into our physical life as a female, we chose to in the womb.  This filled me with so much excitement that I now remember it every time I feel unworthy of something when gender is involved.  She invites you to privately ask yourself ‘Why a woman?’ in various stages of life, which was an empowering experience for me.  I found when writing my examples, such as ‘I am a sister four times, because I am a woman’, and ‘I am reading this book, because I am a woman’ that these are only true because I am here.  I felt so empowered knowing this!  

You own two apartments – did you know that?

This is my favourite chapter in the book.  

As we know that we are energetic beings, and have a body, mind, soul and consciousness, Jacqueline invites us to imagine our whole being slightly differently.  She says we have two apartments: a physical one and an energetic one.  In my meditation after reading this chapter, I decorated my whole physical apartment.  It had large windows and hanging baskets with trailing plants and was huge and light.  (I got so excited about this that I now can’t wait to move in).  In my energetic apartment, there were no physical things at all.  It was quiet, open and blissfully dark.  I can choose which apartment I want to be in depending on the situation.  

If I can change a problem in my physical life by being in my ‘physical apartment’ then I will do so.  If not, my ‘energetic apartment’ is there waiting for me too.  Shifting from the physical world to the spiritual world has never been so easy! 

Activate Yourself…

This chapter was all about feeling every part of your being.  The physical body, mind, soul and consciousness.  

Before reading this book, I never knew how much of my being I neglected.  Since lockdown started, I have spent a lot of time in my mind (or my energetic apartment!) and didn’t realise how much the rest of me has needed attention.  

Jacqueline asks herself “Which part am I mostly living from right now?” so I did too.  A lot of the time, I would answer that I am in my mind.  So much so that some days, I haven’t even left the house.  

Activating all parts of your being is really a gateway to a happy life.  And Jacqueline gave some perfect examples of how to activate all areas. 

Your trauma highlights what, exactly? 

One of the most beautiful ways I have looked at trauma in my life is because of what I read in this chapter.  No one wants to relive old traumas.  That’s why we ignore them.  But when reading and following Jacqueline’s prompts to find out why they affected me so much, and what I could do to change that, I started to love the experiences I once hated.  

I then realised that there is so much power in regaining control in a situation you never thought you had control of.  

Does your love want to spread or not? 

In this chapter, we are invited in meditation to feel complete love in our being.  Listening to it and asking it if it wants to spread out into the world or not.  Sometimes, I feel energetically drained when I have spent too much time with other people, or just not feeling myself.  This meditation helped to understand that.  

When you raise your frequency, your friends and family can sense that.  You start acting differently, talking about other things and paying attention to things you might have missed before.  This energy is precious and attracts people into your space.  People might start asking you for advice, or your outlook on things because you now seem so wise and spiritual.  But what they might not realise is that you are on your own journey too, and you don’t have it all figured out.  This has definitely happened to me. 

By reading this chapter, I am now able to ask myself if my energy (or my love) wants to spread, wants to overflow to this person.  Because if I am drained, or in a slightly negative mood, it doesn’t.  I didn’t know that before.  But it has enabled me to know if I am in a good position to be listening and giving advice, or if I want to take time to myself and recharge.  

I would recommend this book to all the women in my life.  It might not be possible to resonate with all topics covered in the book, but I find it hard to believe that there would not be a few things that spark an ‘aha!’ moment when reading it.  I laughed at some things she said as if I were talking to a friend, and reflected on a lot of the rest.  Sometimes, I paused reading to get out my notebook and start writing about things I could heal within myself.  Other times I followed Jacqueline’s meditation techniques.  And my favourite – I paused reading to follow her advice to daydream!  Who knew that could be something beneficial for the mind! 

I am so glad I read this book.  Not only because it has changed my way of thinking in some ways, but also that I can recommend it to my friends and teach people the way Jacqueline has taught me. 

Jacqueline Pirtle’s What it Means to BE a Woman can be found on Amazon here.  

Sending all my love and positive energy,

Grace x

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