handling emotion…it’s a sport

The ego takes a hit when something we had high hopes for about hasn’t gone the way we expected. Sometimes it’s heart shattering, and sometimes it makes you want to curl up and pretend you’d never set out to the thing that is now making your cheeks rosy and your heart beat faster than it did in your 400m sprint on year nine sports day.  

There have been many things that I’ve cringed at the thought of doing when looking back on them.  I’ve participated in trends and worn clothes and that I wouldn’t be seen dead in now.  I’ve followed crowds which weren’t good for me because it was the cool thing to do.  I’ve sent texts to people that never got a response, and I’ve spent time and energy on the kinds of people that would never offer me the same energy back.   

Having just done one of these things, at the big old age of twenty-four (…I sent a text, I have not bought a flip phone or crimped my hair etc), instead of letting the rosy cheeks and sprint-style heartbeat take over my body, I thought about two things.  Why I sent the message, and what I would feel like if it didn’t get the response I’d hoped, or any response at all.  

For reference, more recently I have made a conscious effort to do everything I do out of love.  I forget to do this when my sister is loudly chomping away at her third bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes in the same room as me, but most of the time after an outburst of rage I bring my thoughts back to my higher self and the present and can apologise.  In things that I can think about for longer, for example sending a text, writing a blog post, or giving advice to my friends, I can reflect on it and ask myself if I am doing it out of love or for another reason.  

Let’s say the text doesn’t get the response I waned, or even a response at all.  In fact, I don’t actually know what kind of response I wanted in sending it.  I do know that I sent it out of love, to make sure that someone that has been in/played a part in my life knows that I would be there for them if they needed me.  And I sat with that thought for a while.  

The loving energy we send out is its own kind of energy.  If you act out of love, and send all the love you can when doing anything you do, you emit a high vibrational energy into the world.  What happens next does not affect the energy you have already sent out.  

So if we take the text scenario: if we don’t get a response, that is not for us to control.  What we can control is our energy, and positive spirit whatever the outcome.  Because what we send out, we attract.  It might not always come from the same person, but we will attract the same loving/high vibrational energy back at some point in our lives.  

If we think about it like this: we do something we think is nice for someone else.  We send them flowers, or put together a box of their favourite things, or spend hours listening to them and giving them advice.  Everything like this, every act that we do out of kindness and love emits a high vibrational energy.  But if the same person rejected everything we did, didn’t acknowledge our acts of kindness, or ignored all the advice we gave them, that does not affect the energy we sent out in doing those things.  

What would affect the energy we sent out is thinking badly of that person, talking about them negatively or slating them for not reacting how we wanted them to react.  There are many things in life that we cannot control.  One of those things is understanding someone else’s reason for doing what they do and how they feel.  The most important thing to us must be the knowledge that we acted out of love, and that is enough.  Our energy will only get stronger. 

So keep doing things for others, for the right reasons.  Keep praising people where it’s due.  Keep sharing knowledge and resources and everything there is to share, because there is more than enough to go around.  And we can break free from the ego who tells us to be embarrassed, just like we broke the ribbon of the 400m sprint on year nine sports day.  

Hopefully, with a lot less physical training.  

Sending all my love and positive energy,

Grace x

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