a sight for YOUR eyes

I’m back on the blog! 

Since my last post, I felt compelled to honour the stillness of the world and reflect that within my mind and body.  One of my targets for 2020 was to be true to myself, so I saw it fit to focus on what I wanted to achieve.  Thankfully, I am now at a point where I can bring my true self back to this blog. 

I think it is important to take time to reflect, no matter how many obligations the external world is demanding.  Although the past year has slowed down our working lives, it has also offered expectations of many things. Bettering yourself physically and mentally, starting new hobbies and self made promises to do things that we wouldn’t normally do.  ‘Read more, drink more water, walk every day, eat better, keep the house clean, exercise, write more, meditate, be creative, check in on family, check in on friends’.  The list goes on.  

What we seem to have forgotten is that we need time to slow down.  We are harder on ourselves than anyone else, yet we are the only ones that suffer the consequences. It can be difficult to remember that although it seems like other people are doing ‘better than us’, we couldn’t possibly know the truth of this belief.  

We will never see this world beyond our own eyes. 

It is possible to have empathy for other people and other situations, see different viewpoints and perspectives, but we will never truly be able to witness or feel through anyone else’s being.  Luckily, we have come to this physical world with our very own physical body that can think for itself and feel human emotions.  How fantastic! 

In a world where society has made it possible to watch the lives of others so accessibly, it is a common misconception that we can see the world through someone else’s eyes, via their Instagram account, Youtube channel or reality TV programme.  But in short, we can’t.  We see and feel through our own physical being. Always.  

Whilst looking at the lives of other people, we forget to live.  We forget to bring attention back to the body and witness what is going on inside us.  Most people are unaware of how to observe their emotions and watch them as they pass by, and see the emotion as part of them.  It is not.  Emotions are just energy, like everything else.

When we find ourselves observing others, the most impactful thing we can do to get the most out of this physical life is to simply be aware of what is going on in our mind and body.  We can appreciate that we have noticed this feeling, and be excited that we can feel something because of it!  Whilst doing this, I like to remind myself that whatever I am observing is possible for someone else on this planet, it is possible for me.  

I like to focus on the joy that I feel when I witness emotions, whatever emotion that may be, because it reminds me I am present.  We are in control of our emotions and they guide us to a higher perspective.  Use them to your advantage! 

Sending love, light and positive energy, 

Grace x 

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