this pedestal is big enough for the both of us

There have been times in my life when I have thought of myself as some kind of unimportant background character.  Even during my spiritual awakening, a time where I thought I would be the most connected to the universe and myself than I had ever been, there was something missing.  I noticed that I had been feeling like that for a very long time.

I felt that I wouldn’t really be missed in my friendship group, and the romances I had with people always meant more to me than they meant to them. 

I put a lot of effort into delving deeper into my being when I notice something about myself that I would like to change, but I couldn’t put my finger on the origin of the feeling. It bothered me for a while.

But then, as all spiritual realisations do, something came to me unexpectedly which changed my whole perspective. 

I had been so used to prioritising other people that I forgot to prioritise myself.  

With all the thanks I sent out into the universe for the human teachers that have allowed me to access information about myself, I seemed to have forgotten the importance of my own actions on the lives of others.  

Someone, somewhere has thanked the universe for my existence.  My impact in their life.  

If I can notice the importance in someone else’s life (whether it involves me or not), I must also assume that I possess the same level of importance.  

When I thank the universe for sending something to me which has taught me something about myself, a loving friend or a good conversation, it now seems obvious to assume somebody has done the same for me.  It could be family, a friend or a complete stranger.  But someone has, and that is so powerful to be reminded of. 

This life would be pretty unfair if we went about our days thanking everyone for everything they had done and everything they had taught us, but received no recognition back.  It also takes away the purpose behind anything we do.

It is beautiful to view other people as the impactful, eternal being that they are.  But it is imperative to notice your own power in this life.  

When you place somebody on a pedestal, make sure there is enough room for you to stand on it with them.  

To all the people that have thanked the universe for me or that I have helped somehow, you are sincerely welcome.  I thank each and every one of you for being important in this world in your own way.  We are all connected, all as important and all as purposeful as one another. 

Remember your power. 

Sending love, light, and positive energy, 

Grace x 

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